When Taryn Guthry arrives at the famous Harvard lecture hall to speak about the European witch hunts, she gets far more than she bargained for. Armed with years of experience researching historical sites in England, she takes to the stage confident in her knowledge, ready to deliver the speech of a lifetime. Unknown to Taryn, something ancient has come to listen, a witch who is getting angrier by the moment. Convinced that Taryn is sympathetic to the witch hunters, she takes matters into her own hands. She curses Taryn back to a time when there are clear lines between God and the Devil, good and evil. Matthew Hopkins is the Witch Hunter General, appointed by God himself to rid the world of those who practice witchcraft. He travels from town to town with his friend and colleague, John Stearne, freeing the innocent from Satan’s grasp. Until he happens upon a woman, laying naked on the road. As Matthew and Taryn’s worlds collide, a more sinister plot is taking shape. Can Taryn find a way back to her own time? Or will her heart convince her that her place is by Matthew’s side? As their love grows stronger, Matthew must find a way to save her from the horrors of the inquisition or lose her forever.

The Witch Hunter is stand-alone, Dark Paranormal Romance intended for readers 18+. This book deals with subjects that some may find triggering.