Detective Richard “Dick” Marshall has been missing for twelve years. Leaving his old life behind after a case gone bad, he fell off the radar. Ever since then, bodies began surfacing across the country. Happily married women slaughtered in a random pattern, but all the deaths seemed to be linked to one person – The Wife Slayer.

Agent Eva Parks of the FBI, formerly Detective Marshall’s partner, is on The Wife Slayer case. When a familiar face is spotted at each crime scene, she realizes she knows the killer. But will this knowledge help her bring him down, or put her in even more danger?

Allura Harvey was a survivor. Twelve years ago, her mother was viciously terrorized by her own father. At least that’s what everyone assumed, including her brother, Detective Greyson Harvey. Allura couldn’t shake the feeling they were wrong, even though she couldn’t remember that day. Until now.

Armed with new knowledge, Allura travels across the country to meet the man who took everything from her and bring him to his knees. Will Allura make the sacrifices necessary to take down a killer?