My name is Tierney King and before you commit yourself to these pages full of my ramblings, please note that I am far from evil. Though I am a vampire, and have been for quite some time.However, myself and others like me are not the creatures of nightmares as portrayed in the ancient folklore. There are quite a number of us stalking the streets of Boston—holding normal jobs and leading regular lives. So next time you run into your bartender, your boss, or maybe your local lawyer, keep that in mind.There is a greater force at play than us, sending my kind running for cover. This entity is snatching immortals from the streets, and now it has become personal. They took my life mate, Soren Crowe from me, and I will stop at nothing to find him. I’ve got my best friend, Elijah, by my side and I will do anything to bring him home, even if it means bringing fast held secrets to light and jeopardizing our very existence.I’ve been alive two-hundred years and I never thought I would be tracking down elusive clues and trying to find out who our enemy is, all in an attempt keep both humans and vampires living peacefully side by side, stop a deadly plan, and find my Soren.If I fail… Then, there will be war, and with God as my witness, I will never stop fighting until I have destroyed those who seek to unleash Hell on Earth!”